How to grow cannabis under artificial light?

Cannabis can be cultivated in two ways one is indoor cultivation and the other is outdoor cultivation. Those who are just venturing into the cultivation efforts first go with outdoor cultivation which is the easiest way to get started. However, we cannot say that outdoor cultivation is totally free from challenges. When the plants grow big, you will need to be very cautious about the airborne diseases if the cultivation is done outdoors.

In case you do not have outdoor space, you will be forced to grow cannabis indoors. The question is will all genetic strains like haze strains or blue strains grow well indoors? When the plant is in outdoor setting, it will get everything it needs from the nature and you will need to do very little to meet the plant’s basic requirements. The entire game changes when you grow cannabis indoor. You will need to provide everything the plant needs.

One of the main requirements here is the lighting. Some people even grow their blue strains and other genetic strains in indoor spaces including basements. In such settings it is very unlikely that the plant gets adequate natural lighting. How to handle this challenge? Will the plants do well in artificial lighting?

Marijuana plants are known for their thirst for sunlight. They need plenty of sunlight and without adequate sunlight they will turn yellow and eventually wither. There are special types of lights for indoor cultivation of plants. You should make use of full spectrum light and not the regular lights that we use for house lighting. Full spectrum lights shed light that is equivalent to natural light or sunlight. If you can find good quality full spectrum lights then you will be able to easily meet the lighting needs of your plants.

Before you get your seeds started, you should order enough full spectrum lights. The plants should receive equal amount of lights from all the sides. They should not be placed next to the wall. The light should be placed on top of the plants and there should be enough number of lights to ensure uniform radiation. If the light is not received uniformly you will be able to see the damage caused to the plant wherever the lighting level is low.

You will not have to hesitate trying indoor cultivation of cannabis. As long as you are able to simulate the outdoor conditions using the right kind of equipment, you will be able to get equally good yield.

One of the basic requirements besides good lighting for indoor cultivation is that you should be able to get the best quality seeds. Only healthy seeds will be able to survive the limitations of indoor cultivation. Also remember to order seeds that are meant for indoor cultivation. These seeds are genetically modified to do well even in low lighting conditions. Before getting started first understand the environmental requirements of the genetic strain that you are planning to cultivate in indoor conditions.

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